ADHERANCE (meeting practices)
Meeting starts on time
Meeting finishes on time
Agenda published and distibuted before the meeting
No one is surprised by the agenda and subjects discussed
Agenda is followed
Everyone scheduled is present
COMMUNICATION(I listen and I participate)
Discussions prior to the meeting help resolve subjects that require too much discussions during the meeting
The subjects discussed are included in the agenda
Meeting objectives were communicated prior to the meeting
Discussion is encouraged but controlled in order to respect the schedule and to ensure everyone's participation
The participants are prepared and able to participate in the topics discussed
Deviations are controlled and minimized
Everyone participates in the discussions at the appropiate moments
ENGAGEMENT(identify barriers, assignments and resolutions)
Assigned actions are reviewed and their schedule respected
When needed, a task is reassigned but with a shortened timeline
Shortfalls in the action plans are questioned and corrective actions are identified
All relevant actions are reviewed and assigned
All assigned actions have a due date
Assigned dates are reviewed to ensure the right level of urgency
All assigned tasks are reviewed prior to closing the meeting
FEEDBACK(celebrate our successes and focus on the problems)
Successes are recognized during the meeting
Weak performances are identified and reviwed in order to bridge the gap
TOTAL(An effective meeting > 80/100)