Organizational Engineering™

A new science developed by our founder. Organizational Engineering™ systemizes your business processes and defines tools to deploy, manage, control and sustain them.

Organizational Engineering™ is the right solution for me as:

  • We have a high personnel attrition rate.
  • Much of our business processes are informal.
  • We have too many meetings and they are inefficient.
  • We are trying to use KPIs effectively.
  • Recruitment and personnel development are not aligned with our business goals.
  • We are people dependent.

Organizational Engineering™ is the science of shifting organizations from people to process dependence through defining and deploying the elements necessary to align actions and behaviors with the organization’s business model.

Organizational Engineering™ helps organizations consistently achieve high team performance by systemizing your business processes and defining tools and processes to deploy, manage, control and sustain these. These tools include practical roles and responsibility definitions, soft and technical skill evaluations, training curriculums, efficient meetings and effective KPIs.

Organizational Engineering™ helps you develop and deploy an organization that supports the end results you need and should expect.