A blend of technical, cultural and organizational products and services designed to help small and medium sized enterprises (SME) compete on the global marketplace.

The solutions are focused and borrow liberally from Fortune 500 practices so that the SME can benefit from these at a reasonable cost and effort.

GlobalReady™ is the right solution for me as:

  • My company utilizes equipment to produce our products.
  • My company has less than 500 employees.
  • Our products are innovative and adapted to our clients’ needs, though not always efficiently.
  • We have or are looking to automate to reduce costs.
  • We wish to expand.
  • We face growing competition.
  • We need to reduce cost and do more with the equipment we have.
  • We are people dependent.

GlobalReady™ is designed for small to medium sized companies that need to increase the performance of their physical assets and reduce costs in order to grow. It is a simplified, results focused approach to operating and maintaining your assets.

GlobalReady™ borrows liberally from Fortune 500 enterprises but does so cost effectively by predefining and streamlining many of the processes and practices that they took years and millions of dollars to develop. You benefit from their efforts and are better positioned to challenge the global marketplace at a fraction of the cost and effort.

GlobalReady™ employs Summit Reliability’s process dependent deployment framework, which provides the right blend of technical, cultural and organizational strategies and methodologies following the four steps: define, prepare, do and sustain.

GlobalReady™ is a step in your growth’s journey and can evolve into PerformanceSmart, the premier Asset Performance Management framework, once your company has outgrown its current needs.