Our Offering

We provide strong technical, organizational and cultural processes and methodologies that are scalable, adapted to the specific needs and simplified so that performance results can be achieved with minimal disruption to the client’s business.

We provide a complete suite of asset performance management services and tools for the small, medium and large enterprises. These provide the flexibility required by the large and medium size corporations while being structured in a way that smaller companies can benefit at a reasonable cost and with reasonable effort.

Organizational engineering services are included in all our offerings. These help the organization systemise its business processes and deploy them efficienly and effectively. Soft skill development methodologies enhance the process by providing the most holistic approach available today.

Our Service Packages


A blend of technical, cultural and organizational products and services designed to help small and medium sized enterprises (SME) compete on the global marketplace. (more…)



Our most flexible product as it introduces the methodologies and practices specific to your objectives and goals of the client. These may include RCM, FMEA, RCA, OAC, Lean, Kaizan, SMED, 5S, R&R, … The work identification element is comprised of methodologies, such as RCM and FMEA, used to develop proactive maintenance/asset care programs.



Organizational Engineering™

A new science developed by our founder. Organizational Engineering™ systemizes your business processes and defines tools to deploy, manage, control and sustain them. (more…)


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