Summit Reliability Global Inc. specializes in analyzing, researching, developing and applying world-class asset performance and materials management practices and processes. Our practical and holistic approach combines the organizational, technical and cultural elements needed to ensure maximum sustainable results, delivering levels unmatched in the industry.

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Seven Steps to Success


Help our clients develop the programs, processes, systems, organization and culture needed to become leaders in their respective industry and establish sustainable growth. Every chosen engagement is successful and can be leveraged to grow our business. Our clients are loyal and regularly reengage with us, encouraging others in their community to do so.

Summit Reliability Global Inc. is an organization that values people and encourages respect, pride and empowerment. We attract people who share our values and result-oriented approach and inspire our clients, suppliers and associates to adopt these values.


Respect and Pride.

Our team is comprised of a select group of individuals who excelled in their field and discipline, becoming leaders in their companies and industries. Our individual and group approach has always been one that is practical and attainable applying a blend of technical, cultural and organizational elements to ensure sustainable results.

But our team is more than the addition of our individual accomplishments; the whole is greater than the sum. By freely sharing our knowledge and experience between ourselves and with our customers we are able to achieve much more. One of our key objectives in all situations is to work ourselves out of a job by helping our clients become self sufficient and successful.

This knowledge transfer philosophy is evident in the composition of our teams. We are committed to establishing incubation centers where young people join our ranks as apprentices and, as positive contributors to the projects, develop the skills and knowledge of a reliability expert. Once a reasonable level of expertize is developed we encourage them to leave the nest and join our client’s team so that new apprentices can have the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute.