Our most flexible product as it introduces the methodologies and practices specific to your objectives and goals of the client. These may include RCM, FMEA, RCA, OAC, Lean, Kaizan, SMED, 5S, R&R, … The work identification element is comprised of methodologies, such as RCM and FMEA, used to develop proactive maintenance/asset care programs.

PerformanceSmart™ is the right solution for me as:

  • Our company utilizes equipment to produce our products.
  • We have more than 400 employees.
  • We need to do more with the assets we have.
  • We need to minimize cost per unit produced.
  • We want to minimize/eliminate labour, material and energy costs associated with inefficiencies.
  • We want to increase asset life.
  • We have or are looking to automate to reduce costs.
  • We wish to expand.
  • We face growing competition.
  • We are people dependent.

PerformanceSmart™ is designed for medium to large sized companies that need to increase the performance of their physical assets and reduce costs in order to grow and/or become more profitable. It is a flexible, results focused approach to operating and maintaining your assets.

PerformanceSmart™ is the premier Asset Performance Management framework. It incorporates proven, advanced processes and practices that are right sized and adapted to your specific needs and business constraints.

PerformanceSmart™ employs Summit Reliability’s process dependent deployment framework, which provides the right blend of technical, cultural and organizational strategies and methodologies following the four steps: define, prepare, do and sustain.

It includes:

  • Organizational Engineering, our organizational development methodology and tools.
  • Our proven organizational, technical, cultural, financial and personnel assessment methodologies, providing you with knowledge to act.
  • Our asset care and operator asset care program development/deployment methodologies and strategies, producing results focused effective programs.
  • Our asset care work management methods, helping you do more with less through increased workforce efficiency.
  • An optimization of your maintenance and predictive technologies, providing you with the tools to govern effectively, at a reasonable cost.