Summit Reliability Global Inc. specializes in analyzing, researching, developing and applying world-class asset performance and materials management practices and processes. Our practical and holistic approach combines the organizational, technical and cultural elements needed to ensure maximum sustainable results, delivering levels unmatched in the industry.

Our Main Application Fields are:

  • World Class Qualification RCM II assessment, FMEA, Operator Asset Care, SMED, LEAN, BLITZ, 90-days to Capable, Precision Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling, Roles and Responsibilities, Shutdown Coordination, Optimization of Spare Parts, Implementation / Deployment, etc.
  • Training and Sponsorship
  • Responsible for alternative resources and / or participation in projects
  • Systemic view of asset performance management

Summit Reliability Global Inc. stands out for its in-depth technical knowledge of the process and equipment and provides ongoing training at all levels of the workforce. It offers a sustained commitment, acts in an integral manner, intervenes proactively in health and safety, all in a perspective of sustainable development.

The company demonstrates a high degree of flexibility in order to meet the specific needs of each customer. This ability to adapt enables different types of companies to move towards the achievement and maintenance of world-class best practices in an adequate, reasonable manner and respecting all the constraints specific to each company.

The Summit Reliability Global Inc. methodology applies primarily to large companies via ” Performance Smart™” or ” Organizational Engineering™ ”. It can, however, be applied to small and medium-sized enterprises via products such as Global Ready™, which enables the infrastructure necessary to join a global market to be put in place at a lower cost.

Summit Reliability Global Inc. is a group of experts who have chosen to be independent of any software and niche policy in order to maximize the performance of their work and achieve results equal to or above the targeted expectations of a project . Summit Reliability Global Inc. tends to apply its own corporate culture to their clients to ensure fluid and efficient communications, trainings and facilitate evolution and cultural or organizational change.

Summit Reliability Global Inc. is a trusted business partner who works with clients to succeed where many others have failed.