Work Identification – RCM2 & FMEA Analysis

The work identification is comprised of methodologies, such as RCM and FMEA, to design maintenance activities. These methodologies identify and control failure modes that affect the equipment’s ability to provide the intended function at the required performance level. The failure mode based asset care program creates the platform necessary to evolve the program as needed. This program is only valuable when it is implemented and applied in a consistent and sustainable way.

  • RCM2 is the most rigorous methodology available to develop asset care programs. These include tasks conducted by maintenance and operations to ensure that the asset does what the users want it to do. RCM2 is a very powerful training tool and culture change agent.
  • FMEA is a faster and less resource intensive methodology used when the consequences of failure are not as high and when we want to optimize the current program.

There are reasons to perform an RCM2 analysis. Not all cases require such rigor and precision.

Summit Reliability Global Inc. will help you choose the right methodology according to your needs.