Skills and Behaviours Audit

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Strongly Disagree Not Aplicable
Leadership Skills
Recognizes and rewards good ideas from colleagues
Expects and encourages performance from colleagues
Follows through on commitments made
Leads others by example
Communication Skills
Informs colleagues clearly and promptly
Communicates effectively and professionally
Maintains open and active communication with colleagues
Exhibits good listening skills
Able to listen to and understand others, including the practice of active listening
Able to negotiate to gain new opportunities, discover new solutions, resolve disputes and agree upon courses that satisfy everyone’s interests.
Able to resolve a dispute or conflict where all parties are satisfied with the outcome.
Involves colleagues in discussions on achieving team goals
Is receptive to suggestions on improving team productivity
Reports progress towards reaching goals
Assumes designated responsibility for achieving goals and objectives
Works well with co-workers, respects others, and has the respect of others
Works well with managers, respects their authority and interacts in a professional manner
Able to motivate others to achieve the desired outcome
Has a vision and is able to communicate it resulting in a change in human behaviour in others
Technical Skills
Follows established practices
Demonstrates competency in his/her work
Quality of Performance
Demonstrates competency in his/her work
Carefully reviews all work requests before they are submitted
Sets standards on achieving high quality results
Achieves designated goals on time
Multi-tasks between several activities efficiently
Works in an organized manner
Requires minimal supervision when working
Identifies problems and resolves them
Understands job functions, requirements, tools, and processes associated with this position
Follows through on tasks until completion, completes tasks in a timely manner and according to schedule, overcomes obstacles, proposes solutions rather than excuses
When posed with a problem develops timely solutions with alternatives
Improves existing processes whenever possible
Practices safe work habits and encourages others do the same
Produces high quality work
Identifies work to be performed and performs the work without being directed by others
Arrives at work on time, works on days scheduled and requests time off with sufficient advanced notice
Easily adapts to changes in the workplace, requirements, schedule and priorities