Asset Performance Management

Considers the assets from cradle to grave and incorporates all functions that have an impact on their performance, from maintenance, operations, technical services, engineering, purchasing and stores.

The goal of an organization is to meet market demands, at the minimum cost, in a setting that is safe and without polluting the environment. The process must be repeatable, sustainable and require the minimum of capital investment while keeping up technologically with market demands. To this end the role of:

  • Operations is to maximize asset performance, at the minimum cost.
  • Maintenance and Technical Services is to define and execute the minimum effort necessary to ensure that assets do what their users want them to do.
  • Spare Parts Stores and Purchasing is to ensure the presence of parts to support Maintenance’s needs, at the minimum cost.
  • Engineering is to select and design assets that meet present and future needs that are easy to operate and maintain, at the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Everyone is to do so safely while respecting the environment; in a collaborative culture.

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